1. What interfaces are supported?

  • PatientWorks supports HL7, print stream and ASCII data file interfaces. Our software is compatible with most interface engines.

2. Can you walk the patient through the entire check in process?

  • KioskWorks through the CheckinWorks module can walk the patient through your facility’s or department’s entire check in process, including data verification, co-pay collection and consent approval. All your current registration workflows can be duplicated at the kiosk or tablet.

3. What methods are supported to have patients self identify themselves?

  • KioskWorks supports positive patient identification methods including the use of patient ID cards, driver’s license, biometrics and manual entry.  We are an Imprivata PatientSecure partner.

4. Can the patient make changes to demographic and insurance information?

  • KioskWorks can allow the patient to make changes to their demographic and insurance information, while allowing you to review those changes before processing patient information into your HIS system of record.

5. Can KioskWorks be integrated to an insurance verification solution?

  • Typically eligibility is done during preregistration and the amounts due from the patient for each appointment are passed to KioskWorks.

6. Can I automatically collect co-payments and patient balances?

  • KioskWorks can display and collect co-payments.  KioskWorks can also collect patient balances.  Credit card payments (including EMV capable solutions) are supported.

7. Could my patients fill out and sign documents right at the Kiosk or Tablet?

  • Since KioskWorks is built on the PatientWorks platform, we can easily support form-fill and electronic signature capture, auto-associating documents to the patient’s electronic record.

8. I need to display maps and provide interactive directions.

  • KioskWorks provides interactive wayfinding capability to points of interest inside as well as outside your facility. Maps can also be printed with turn by turn directions and thumb nail pictures of route.

9. What can be printed directly at the kiosk?

  • KioskWorks can print consents, receipts, maps, or any other document that you desire. The KioskWorks printer will retract any confidential information, if not taken from the printer, for patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.  The documents may also be emailed to the patients or printed at the registration desk.

10. Can KioskWorks check-in walk-in patients?

  • Yes, KioskWorks can add walk-in patients to the queue and identify the services the patient is there for.

11. How many languages are supported?

  • KioskWorks supports all ISO-8859-1 languages.  You select the languages you wish to show and the patient can select the language they wish to display.

12. Does KioskWorks have the ability to integrate to our patient portal?

  • Our PortalWorks product allows patients to pre-check-in for their appointments from home or their phone and can be integrated to your patient portal.

13. Can our patients see customizable alerts to patient at check-in?

  • KioskWorks allows for customizable alerts during the check-in process.

14. Can I have patients sign registration forms?

  • KioskWorks presents the forms you wish to have the patient sign based on the service type and/or patient type.

15. Can I change and customize the patient self service system without your involvement?

  • KioskWorks provides the tools and training for facilities to customize the solution as needed, with or without our involvement.

16. Does KioskWorks support tablet deployment?

  • KioskWorks supports tablet, Kiosk and table top deployments.  We offer a wide variety of hardware options to meet your needs.

17. What hospital information systems (HIS) are supported by PatientWorks?

  • PatientWorks is HIS independent - it works with nearly all HIS environments. We have successfully implemented with such vendors as Allscripts Paragon and Sunrise, Siemens Invision/Signature, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, MEDITECH, QuadraMed Affinity and Epic. Many of our customers have multiple HIS environments.

18. What Imaging or Electronic Medical Record systems are supported by PatientWorks?

  • The extensibility of the PatientWorks platform enables it to work with any other DMS or EMR with minimal effort. PatientWorks can automatically index patient forms into any Imaging or Electronic Medical Record system, eliminating the need to scan and manually index. We have configured PatientWorks to run with McKesson HPF, Siemens EDM, MEDITECH Scanning and Archive Software, OnBase, ImageNow, and Streamline, to name a few.

19. What platforms are supported by PatientWorks?

  • Windows Server 2019; Client software is supported on Windows 10.

20. What barcode symbologies are supported by PatientWorks?

  • PatientWorks supports both linear and 2D barcodes including: Code 39 (Regular, Full ASCII, HIBC), Code 128, Code 93, UCC EAN 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, CodaBar, PostNET, PDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix, Aztec, RSS and MICR E13B.

21. What printers are supported by PatientWorks?

  • PatientWorks works with both thermal and laser printers. Laser printers must support either PCL 5e or GDI protocols and thermal printers must support either GDI or ZPL protocols.

22. What type of security is provided by PatientWorks?

  • PatientWorks security integrates seamlesslywith your Active Directory settings. A user logs in using his/her existing network username/password. Administrators can easily configure access to applications, forms, patient records and printers by security groups.

23. Can PatientWorks be used in conjunction with Citrix?

  • Yes, the PatientWorks client software can run in a Citrix environment, which reduces the burden on your IT/IS group during installation and post-installation upgrade situations.

24. Can PatientWorks provide a downtime registration solution when my HIS is down?

  • Yes. In fact, our downtime product is included with every license purchased.

25. Can you provide me with a turnkey solution?

  • Absolutely. PatientWorks can provide you with a total solution. Whether building a patient self service Kiosk and tablet from the ground up or printing ID cards and wrist bands for outpatients, PatientWorks is a one-source supplier of software, equipment, hardware, labels and bands.