Electronic ID Card

Our eID card solution effectively produces attractive and secure virtual identification cards that can be automatically emailed. PatientWorks offers turnkey workflow and forms management solutions to improve your existing identification processes and save your organization money. Legacy patient registration methods are archaic, inefficient, and prone to errors that are costly for your institution. Upon registration, a secure photo eID can be emailed to your patients. Give patients a reason to come back to your facility instead of a competitor’s with an eID card that advertises your organization and encourages loyalty. Save the cost of physical card stock, printing, handling and mailing patient ID cards.

CheckinWorks Cloud

As a staff tool during the registration process, CheckinWorks Cloud complements your current practice management or patient scheduling system to bring your patient registration, appointments, appointment reminders, payment processing, insurance and demographic verification and more to the cloud. Data is synchronized to PatientWorks cloud based servers automatically. Your staff will be more accurate and more productive through automated data capture from driver’s license and insurance and automated address verification with the USPS. Insurance eligibility can be done in batch or on-demand and proper patient due amounts determined. Payment can be collected via real-time credit card processing and payment plans may be setup to improve collections, especially with high deductible health plans. No-shows are reduced with automated appointment reminders and check-ins are easier. Delivered as a Software-as-a Service solution.

KioskWorks iQ

KioskWorks iQ, the intelligent queue, is our entry-level kiosk that quickly checks-in an arriving patient, whether the patient is a walk-in or there for a scheduled appointment. KioskWorks iQ is not integrated with your Practice Management or Scheduling Software. Patients enter their name, birthdate, indicate whether or not they have an appointment, select a physician, and indicate the reason for their visit. The software tracks the status of the patient including wait times and displays this data on a dashboard for the physician and staff to view. It tracks what patients are in the exam room and how long the wait will be for waiting patients. The iPad based solution replaces manual sign-in procedures allowing you to track patient flow, wait times, and activity.

Patient Identification Solutions

PatientWorks Corporation is a leader in providing innovative solutions for patient electronic documents and the equipment and supplies you need to implement an effective patient identification program in your hospital. Let us show you how to reduce the cost of your supplies, provide you with the equipment you need for your patient identification program and implement enhancements to your current practices. If you do not use barcodes, photo images of the patient or ID cards, we can help you to add these to your current processes.

Patient Xpress

PatientWorks Patient Xpress is used to capture patient photos, scan insurance cards and/or driver licenses. This client also allows you to capture electronic signatures for consent forms.   Patient Xpress enables you to collect images and signatures from external devices (i.e.

Queue Navigator

Whether your patients check in through KioskWorks, CheckinWorks or directly with registration staff, Queue Navigator is your solution to manage patient volumes, wait times, and check-in compliance.



CheckinWorks is designed to allow patients to walk themselves through the entire check in process privately, securely and independently using a tablet PC. Patients, with or without appointments, can check themselves in, process insurance co-pays and sign consent forms. Patients can also be prompted to begin the medical interview process by being presented with a customized series of questions.


Patients, with or without appointments, can check themselves in, process insurance co-pays and sign consent forms.  Click for Demo >>                  Patients can also answer a series of customizable questions which reflect the beginnings of a medical interview. Visitors can access any amount of important information without involving staff.  Staff and administrators can verify patient identity with photos taken at the kiosk/tablet, monitor wait times, control the patient queue and standardize frequently accessed information.  Staff will have more time to help patients who choose not to utilize the technology or who may need specific individual help.


PatientWorks is a suite of software products used to build and manage print-merge workflows using data from any HIS system. The benefit to the customer is E-forms efficiencies with output to email, fax, document imaging or plain paper.  PatientWorks improves patient care and reduces costs for hospitals and in most cases requires no modification or additional programming of the current hospital information system or ADT. PatientWorks simply receives multiple data sources from the HIS much like a printer or embosser and places the desired information at a specific location on a selected form or group of forms.