Whether your patients check in through KioskWorks, CheckinWorks or directly with registration staff, Queue Navigator is your solution to manage patient volumes, wait times, and check-in compliance.

Admitting personnel can manage patient check-in remotely in real-time at the department level or across the entire enterprise. Staff can monitor patient wait times, determine the status of co-pay collections and see whether consent forms have been signed. On any given patient, verify demographics entered via the kiosk versus information captured at the time of appointment scheduling. Data which has been verified by the admissions personnel can even be processed further by PatientWorks to automatically generate bar coded armbands, labels and patient ID cards.

Automatically alert staff to excessive patient backlogs in individual departments via email, pager or phone. Management reports and metrics can be generated using the built-in reporting module. Your organization can easily track patient wait times, backlogs and process-utilization.