Electronic ID Card

Our eID card solution effectively produces attractive and secure virtual identification cards that can be automatically emailed. PatientWorks offers turnkey workflow and forms management solutions to improve your existing identification processes and save your organization money. Legacy patient registration methods are archaic, inefficient, and prone to errors that are costly for your institution.Upon registration, a secure photo eID can be emailed to your patients.Give patients a reason to come back to your facility instead of a competitor’s with an eID card that advertises your organization and encourages loyalty.Save the cost of physical card stock, printing, handling and mailing patient ID cards.

Patient Identification Solutions

PatientWorks Corporation is a leader in providing innovative solutions for patient electronic documents and the equipment and supplies you need to implement an effective patient identification program in your hospital. Let us show you how to reduce the cost of your supplies, provide you with the equipment you need for your patient identification program and implement enhancements to your current practices. If you do not use barcodes, photo images of the patient or ID cards, we can help you to add these to your current processes.