Patient Self Check In

In today's world of increasing patient volumes, declining reimbursements and increasing costs, healthcare organizations are looking for new ways to run their operations more efficiently. Simultaneously, patients are becoming true consumers: more demanding, more informed and more likely to shop around for quality care and superior service.

In order to stay competitive organizations must balance superior patient service with operational efficiencies. The CheckinWorks module provides patients with all the standard self-service conveniences they are accustomed to. CheckinWorks is specifically designed to allow your patients to walk themselves through the entire check in process.

Patient Self Service Kiosks

Checking in and processing large numbers of patients, collecting personal information and co-payments as well as disseminating repetitive information regarding directions, department, staff and policies can expend large amounts of hospital resources.

KioskWorks lets you create a customizable user touch screen program that will enhance the relationship between your patients, visitors and staff. KioskWorks will also extend the reach of your hospital resources.  The KioskWorks solution will greatly increase patient satisfaction, reduce FTE requirements and improve bottom line collections. 

Patient Queue and Wait Time Tracking

Allow your staff to manage the patient check-in process in real-time using KioskWorks Queue Navigator. Staff can monitor patient wait times and determine the status of co-pay collections as well as identify patients who have updated their demographic and insurance information during the check-in process. Additionally, your staff can determine whether documentation and/or other EHR forms have been signed.  Queue Navigator can also notify additional staff if patient wait times exceed pre-determined criteria.

Patient ID Cards

Our ID card solution cost effectively produces durable, attractive and secure identification cards. PatientWorks offers a turnkey plastic card printing, workflow and forms management solution to improve your existing identification processes and save your organization money.

Manage Visitors Remotely in Real Time

Whether your visitors check-in through KioskWorks or directly with staff, PatientWorks Visitor Management Solution tracks volumes, visit times and visitor compliance. 

Issue badges with barcodes to support security management of visitors to your medical facility.   Badges may be color coded or otherwise identified for only specific areas of the facility allowing staff to quickly and easily identify those individuals who are authorized to be in the designated area.  Badges can have an expiration date included in the barcode or other data to allow security systems to detect when permissions to be in the area has expired.  Badges may also be printed on time expiring badges that change color when expired.

PatientWorks Mobile Apps

Mobile applications for healthcare providers.  Want to improve your patient experience and patient satisfaction ratings?  Want to connect with your patient population with a branded mobile app (iOS and Android)?

Today’s consumers use their smart phones to navigate their world and access their information.

PatientWorks Integrated with Epic

Many healthcare organizations today are implementing Epic as their hospital information systems.  How does PatientWorks’ solutions fit with Epic implementations? PatientWorks offers solutions designed to complement and enhance critical hospital systems, like Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, Siemens, MEDITECH and others. PatientWorks provides Patient Self-Service, Patient Engagement, eForms, electronic signature, barcoding & digital imprinting, discrete data capture, and workflow solutions that enhance the Epic applications. Epic’s product suite includes a wide range of integrated functionality.  However, third party solutions such as PatientWorks enhance and add additional functionality to the Epic solution where Epic’s features are limited.

Solutions for Physician Practices

PatientWorks provides solutions for Physician Practices to automate their front desk operations. KioskWorks iQ, the intelligent queue, is our entry-level kiosk that quickly checks-in an arriving patient, whether the patient is a walk-in or there for a scheduled appointment. KioskWorks iQ is not integrated with your Practice Management or Scheduling Software. The software tracks the status of the patient including wait times and displays this data on a dashboard for the physician and staff to view. It tracks what patients are in the exam room and how long the wait will be for waiting patients. As a staff tool during the registration process, CheckinWorks Cloud complements your current practice management or patient scheduling system to bring your patient registration, appointments, appointment reminders, payment processing, insurance and demographic verification and more to the cloud. Data is synchronized to PatientWorks cloud based servers automatically. Your staff will be more accurate and more productive through automated data capture from driver’s license and insurance and automated address verification with the USPS. Insurance eligibility can be done in batch or on-demand and proper patient due amounts determined. Payment can be collected via real-time credit card processing and payment plans may be setup to improve collections, especially with high deductible health plans. No-shows are reduced with automated appointment reminders and check-ins are easier.

Patient Appointment Reminders

PatientWorks gives you the ability to send appointment reminders to your patients a set time before their upcoming appointments via text or email. Integrated with our PortalWorks product, the solution allows a patient to also preregister for their appointments by selecting their upcoming appointment, verifying their demographics and insurance, signing electronic forms required for the appointment, and paying their copayments related to the selected appointments. This alerts your staff as to who has preregistered and saves the patient time when they arrive for their appointment. The solution reduces no shows and saves your staff time and money while providing patients with the convenience of signing paperwork, verifying data, and making payments from home or on their mobile phones.

Downtime Registration

The PatientWorks Downtime Registration solution allows you to continue critical patient care during both short term and extended planned or unplanned outages. Any documents, such as wristbands, chart labels, consents, insurance forms, labels, etc. can be produced through the application with patient information loaded to the documents. Comply with HIPAA regulations which state that healthcare providers should “establish procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes…while operating in emergency situations."

Patient Queue Tracking Display

Give your patients a visual board to show them who is being served and what the estimated wait times are for those patients that are waiting. This display board can be used in any waiting area and keeps the patients informed of their status and alerts patients when staff is ready to see them. Staff indicates the next patient to be seen by changing the status in Patient Xpress. Patient wait times are computed based on the number of patients being served or ahead of the patient and average service times. Communicating status to the patients improves their overall satisfaction with their healthcare encounter.