PatientWorks Corporation is located in Cary, North Carolina with a sales office in Richmond, Virginia and is a subsidiary of privately held SalePoint, Inc. SalePoint serves the healthcare, retail, public sector, and higher education industries and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio  with offices and staff in San Diego, Orlando, Austin, Texas; and Sacramento, California. SalePoint has been serving multiple industries with software and hardware solutions since 1987 and has worked with leading companies and healthcare providers throughout its history.


In 1998, in response to the emerging electronic healthcare record technology, PatientWorks developed a leading edge enterprise document automation software solution. PatientWorks is currently implemented in over 95 healthcare facilities across the US and is growing rapidly as healthcare providers more quickly adopt self-service technology. In 2009, PatientWorks created a leading-edge patient self-service kiosk solution built upon the integration and forms management capabilities of the PatientWorks software platform. The KioskWorks module was introduced to the market in mid-2010. CheckinWorks was released in late 2010 as a response to the desire of the healthcare market to facilitate the patient check in process from a mobile tablet.  Recently with the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers have implemented mobile pre-registration and check-in to promote staff and patient safety. Our KioskWorks Cloud solution meets their needs. They have also purchased temperature screening kiosks. With the implementation of PatientWorks' solutions, healthcare organizations can automate the processes behind and in front of the registration desk to provide a complete patient interface to the entire check in process including:

  • Enterprise forms completion and management
  • Screening questions to prevent individuals exposed to COVID-19 from coming in
  • Signature capture
  • Patient authentication
  • Insurance verification
  • Co-pay authorization and collection
  • Update patient information including demographics, insurance data and other information
  • Mobile pre-registration and check-in
  • Integration with hospital information systems and practice management systems to reduce manual processes and work
  • Patient queue and flow management
  • Achieve PCI, EMV and HIPAA compliance

Every day, PatientWorks helps leading health care providers with their changing business needs. Our track record and strong customer references demonstrate that we bring deep technical, industry and domain expertise and best practices to the our clients. PatientWorks offers a variety of solutions geared specifically for the health care provider. These solutions provide front line staff members with automation that empowers performance. The ability to quickly and easily check-in patients and accept patient share collections at the point of service allows your staff members to spend more time servicing the patient medical needs and less time on the financial and procedural aspects of the visit. Self Service Check-in Kiosks, Mobile Applications, integrated EMV compliant cashiering, Patient Identification Solutions and enterprise patient document management allow the organization to protect staff and patients, reduce costs, reduce wait times, and improve patient satisfaction while maintaining compliance with PCI, EMV and HIPAA standards.