Give your patients the ability to register for appointments remotely to protect staff and patients from infection while saving staff time and costs.

Start with screening patients, staff and visitors through a temperature sensing kiosk.  This will identify those individuals with elevated temperatures that may be a risk.

Temperature Sensing Kiosks

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Using the following tools,  your patients can remotely perform all the registration activities normally done at your facility :

  • Patient Text or Email Appointment Reminders

  • Mobile patient registration for upcoming appointments

  • Complete screenings and risk assessments

  • Verify demographic data

  • Sign electronic consents

  • Make patient payments

Staff is immediately notified of the patient's registration and can easily see any discrepancies or items that need attention. When the patient arrives for a telehealth session staff can easily arrive the patient in the EHR system. If the patient arrives in person, we provide self-service check-in kiosks to allow the patient to check-in without staff involvement and the kiosk automatically arrives the patient for their appointment. 

Mobile Phone Check-In                                                        Appointment Reminder


With the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare providers are seeking ways to protect staff from infection and patients from exposure to other infected patients.  Telehealth sessions have been implemented to allow providers to interact with patients via the internet.  Our PortalWorks and KioskWorks Cloud solutions allow healthcare providers to serve patient remotely.  Patients can self-register at home or on their mobile phones for appointments.  They can verify appointments, demographic data, and insurance information, sign consent forms related to their appointment, pay copayment amounts, take photos of drivers licenses and insurance cards and answer screening questions as appropriate.  All of this is done without physical contact between the patient and staff.  This combined with telehealth sessions enables new capabilities in serving your patients.

The following link contains a recording of a recent webinar we did: COVID-19:  Protect Staff and Patients. 

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