Our Enhanced Cashiering Solution is a real time cashiering solution that improves the co-payment collection process through integration with your accounts receivable, billing, and appointment applications. It was designed for ease of use and fast patient processing while incorporating security and control of cash collections.  It takes your credit card processing "out of scope" for PCI purposes and provides protection against costly credit card breach.  

Our solution insures that you collect the proper amount at the time of service to avoid missing the opportunity to immediately collect amounts due and reduce collection needs and losses. Collection after the time of service is less effective.

The solution includes key cash management functions that include complete accountability of each representative’s transactions. Controls on the processing of transactions reduce the opportunity for error or theft resulting in strict audit controls over payments received. Payments are posted in real time to the patient’s accounts receivable account providing visibility throughout your organization on patient payments.

Managers have control and can quickly review from their desks the activity that is occurring at each representative’s cashiering station. Transaction authorizations are determined by you providing access to only those individuals properly authorized on the system. Since the solution is integrated with your applications, manual effort in data entry and reconciliation is eliminated.

Integrated credit and debit card processing including signature capture devices allows you to electronically record the patient’s authorization for the services and credit or debit card payment.

Improve the efficiency of your team, service to your patients, and control over the growing funds you are collecting each day through the implementation of easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, secure software


  • Real-time record access to lookup patient data and copayment amounts
  • Accepts multiple types of fee payments in a single transaction
  • Credit/Debit authorization and electronic signature capture
  • OCR, magnetic stripe and barcode scanning
  • Cash/form of payment balancing for maximum cash control
  • Secure register lock
  • Superior audit control and reporting
  • Flexible tender handling, including split tendering, user defined tender types and complete document validation/franking
  • Numerous administrative functions: open drawer, paid-ins and paid outs, check cashing, cash drawer loans and pick-ups and training mode
  • Web based access to reports
  • PA-DSS Validated to support PCI Compliance
  • Integrates with your HIS application


  • Increase revenue captured at time of service
  • Easy-to-use front end processing of co-payments and deductibles
  • Ability to collect co-payments upon check in or check out of patient
  • Reconcile co-payments collected to appointments including no shows
  • Decrease non-sufficient funds check acceptance from repeat NSF check writers based on bad check history of patient
  • Reduce disputed charges by electronically capturing patient signatures approving service and payments at the time of service
  • Capture immediate payment of medical items provided during patient appointments
  • Improves security and control of patient payments
  • Integrated to HIS and EMR systems to provide real time inquiries and transaction updates
  • Provides for integration of technologies such as credit/debit card processing, receipt printers, bar code scanners, check imaging, and cash drawers
  • Utilizes open technologies providing maximum flexibility in hardware and configurations
  • Enhance overall cash management procedures and processes to reduce chances of error or fraud
  • Better service patients through fast transaction processing, transaction receipts, and accurate information about the patient's visit
Components of the solutions:
J-Point® cashiering software runs on the most widely used operating systems: Windows 10,  the latest Windows Server operating systems. We utilize Oracle™  or Microsoft SQL Server for the database and Crystal Reports™  for report writing. Written in Java™ and utilizing HTML, J-Point is very flexible.  
In addition J-Point can be delivered via a hosted model and integrates to Verifone's POINT solution to protect you against credit card data breach.
Your in-house staff can even make modifications to screen appearances. Through extensive configuration capabilities, many features can be setup without requiring software source changes.
If custom programming is needed, the architecture allows for Rapid Application Development. This minimizes the time and costs associated with changes.