Patients, with or without appointments, can check themselves in, process insurance co-pays and sign consent forms.                 

Patients can also answer a series of customizable questions which reflect the beginnings of a medical interview. Visitors can access any amount of important information without involving staff.  Staff and administrators can verify patient identity with photos taken at the kiosk/tablet, monitor wait times, control the patient queue and standardize frequently accessed information.  Staff will have more time to help patients who choose not to utilize the technology or who may need specific individual help.

KioskWorks utilizes an advanced software toolset built upon the PatientWorks platform which can interface with patient data via your hospital information system (HIS).  PatientWorks has deployed the KioskWorks solution at healthcare organizations looking to improve their workflow solutions for the check in process, insurance verification, co-pay processing, interactive wayfinding for directions, staff and departments, patient education, not to mention marketing and fundraising opportunities.

KioskWorks provides a technically advanced system

  • Integrates with any Health Information System (HIS) and / or scheduling system
  • Uses touch screen and virtual keyboard technology
  • Provides multilingual support

Streamline patient flow with complete patient self-service check in for walk-ins or scheduled appointments

  • Supply reason for visit, medically relevant or unique information, and other demographic data
  • Electronically sign consent and insurance forms
  • Check/update insurance information
  • Tender credit card payments
  • Access interactive department and medical staff directories
  • View and print interactive maps and directions to in-house and off-site locations

Optimize staff efficiencies

  • For patient self check in, create a customized series of questions to collect patient data: reason for visit, medial history and other demographics
  • Validate demographics using magnetic card reader, photos, barcode scanners, biometrics and manual information entry.
  • Automatically supply information regarding state medical regulations
  • Confirm and update patient insurance information
  • Patient self-service means staff can be re allocated or focused on other task

Decrease accounts receivable

  • KioskWorks collects co-pays
  • Credit card payments can be processed

Continually improve operations and implement best practices

  • Standardized and control information
  • Monitor patient queues and track wait-times
  • Conduct patient surveys
  • Custom configure the program to capture kiosk usage statistics

Increase return on investment by taking advantage of additional fund-raising opportunities

  • Drive traffic to in-house food and other services
  • Collect charitable donations
  • Support business partners
  • Display paid advertisements

KioskWorks Advance Tool Set

Kiosk Studio Kiosk Studio puts the power of KioskWorks directly in your hands. You can have the ability to create screen pathways, determine specific workflows, attach resource images and build all content in multiple languages. 

This module provides you the opportunity to fully automate the check in process. Electronically collect demographics information, insurance information, co-pays and form signatures. Patients are then automatically are entered into the Queue Navigator.

Medical interview Ask a series of customized questions which allow you to collect information about the reason for the visit, regulatory and/or other patient information.

Kiosk MapMaker The Wayfinder application gives a hospital complete control over the maps and directions available to patients and visitors.  Visual pathways can be linked with multilingual written directions, providing helpful guidance to destinations inside or even outside of the hospital.

Kiosk Directory Builder Hospital departments and staff can be kept readily up to date through this component of the KioskWorks solution. The hospital can publish information about departments, their doctors and office hours, as well as associate photos with doctors for easy recognition.

Queue Navigator Administrators and/or registrars will manage the check in process remotely in real-time. Monitor patient wait times, determine the status of co-pay collections and determine whether or not consents have been signed as well as verify demographics entered via the kiosk versus information captured at the time of appointment scheduling.


The PatientWorks Server resides on a dedicated server and runs in the background as multiple Windows services.  It processes HL7 events and/or scans directories for data files sent by the system of record. Upon receiving an HL7 message or data file, the server parses the data and stores the information in its database.

PatientWorks is an enterprise forms management and Document Management Imaging System (DMIS) integration tool. As patients check in via the kiosk, KioskWorks accesses information within PatientWorks.  This information may include appointments, forms needing signatures, forms such as receipts, coupons, and instructions, and then PatientWorks can route the information to any department, printer and/or DMIS.

  • Eliminate the expense and overhead of pre-printed forms and card-based solutions
  • Positive patient ID with barcodes, RFID, photo capture and electronic signature
  • Runs in background as a Windows service
  • Logs all transactions, warnings and errors to an audit trail
  • HIS independent; integrates smoothly and transparently to any HIS via HL7 or ASCII print stream
  • Scalability, reliability and flexibility. A single server can support multiple facilities
  • Create custom downtime registration screens for use in generating forms during HIS and/or network downtime
  • Reprint any document or form packet for a patient to any printer in the enterprise in three clicks of the mouse
  • Web interface for Downtime Registration and Print Manager means zero cost of deployment and easier support