KioskWorks iQ, the intelligent queue, is our entry-level kiosk that quickly checks-in an arriving patient, whether the patient is a walk-in or there for a scheduled appointment.  KioskWorks iQ is not integrated with your Practice Management or Scheduling Software.  Patients enter their name, birthdate, indicate whether or not they have an appointment, select a physician, and indicate the reason for their visit.  The software tracks the status of the patient including wait times and displays this data on a dashboard for the physician and staff to view.  It tracks what patients are in the exam room and how long the wait will be for waiting patients.  The iPad based solution  replaces manual sign-in procedures allowing you to track patient flow, wait times, and activity. The solution provides physicians with visibility on waiting patients and walk-ins to better manage their time and schedules.  Strong analytics from data captured on all your patient visits allow the practice to track and understand historical patient visit data and make improvements in the practice operations.  Patients like the ease of signing in and knowing that staff is aware of their arrival.  Estimated  wait times are provided to the patient based on the current physician workload.  KioskWorks iQ is a software-as-a-service solution offering providing the software from the internet cloud reducing the IT support needed by the practice.  The service is provided under a services agreement.
Uniquely designed so your patients can walk themselves through the entire sign-in process
Electronically capture patient visit data
Confirm appointment or capture walk-in data
Ask questions to collect all the  information you need to capture during sign-in
  • Name of patient
  • Time of appointment
  • Name of physician
  • Reason for visit
  • Electronic signature of patient
Color-coded status board of waiting patients with current status indicated
Wait time estimator improves patient satisfaction
Patient Queue and Wait Time Tracking
Practices can deploy KioskWorks iQ on low cost iPad tablets to facilitate an affordable solution.  Since the service is cloud based, the practice is free of IT issues.