Communicate with your patients with a simple and

easy to use messaging application

Messaging with healthcare provider


Empower your staff with new communication tools

At PatientWorks, we understand patient intake and patient self-service. We also know the challenges of patient access and the complexity of patient workflows. In the new COVID-19 world, we know there are concerns about infections and the safety of both staff and patients.

Our solutions range from patient self-service check-in kiosks to tablets, mobile pre-reg, and portals.  We allow patients to do more by themselves both remotely and at your facilities and avoid long wait times at your facility.  This saves staff time, promotes safety, improves registration accuracy, and provides patients with a wide range of self-service tools.  However, while doing these self-service functions, patients need the ability to communicate with your staff as they move through the process.

Many healthcare providers attempt to push patient registration tasks out of their facilities to have the patient workflows done before the patient’s arrival. This reduces registration time and work and allows patients to be quickly served improving their satisfaction.

PatientWorks Messenger provides a new level of communication with your patients

To effectively implement new patient flow procedures that reduce staff and patient interactions, you need a communication tool that lets you easily and quickly communicate with patients. Our Messenger solution allows you to communicate with patients via text or email as they move through their pre-registration activities and their arrival for their telehealth or in person visits.  Messenger allows staff to send and receive text messages to patients thereby knowing their exact status in the check-in and intake process.  If the patient is waiting in their car, staff can communicate with the patient and let them know when to come into the facility for their appointment.  If it is a telehealth appointment, staff can communicate with the patient on timing and details of the telehealth visit.

Patients have gone digital. They’re mobile. They want the ability to communicate with your staff from anywhere

The ability to quickly and easily communicate with your patients allows staff to be more efficient and resolve issues, obtain information, and better serve patients.  Avoid delays in getting information.  Quickly inform patients about what they need to do to prepare for their appointments.  Answer concerns and questions easily.  These tools improve patient satisfaction.

Maintain Accurate Records of Patient Communications

Messenger records the history of text and email communications with the patient should there be any questions about the instructions or answers provided to a patient.  This history is useful in knowing about the interactions with the patient and can prove what instructions were provided should there be a question from the patient about the services provided.

Remove patients’ frustrations with automated phone systems and leaving voice mails or being lost in the phone system trying to get answers

How many times have you heard from patients that it is hard to reach the correct person on the phone to get answers to their questions?  With Messenger, staff is alerted when a text message is received from the patient and staff can respond to the text.  No phone directory trees to navigate, no voice messages, just direct communication with the correct staff member.  Had trouble reaching the patient in a timely manner?  Texting can improve the ability to reach the patient quickly if you need to adjust the appointment, get more information, or provide new information before their visit. 

Example Text MessagePatient Communicating Via Text


Messenger Integrated With Care Wizard

Text or send emails from within the KioskWorks Cloud application


Template Respoinses


Staff has choice of quick template text responses such as Ready for You to Enter the Facility to speed responses and increase efficiency

Indicator of waiting messages

Staff sees alert if patient has sent a text message (red dot with exclamation mark by SMS message symbol)



With Messenger, communications between patients and staff are simplified and quicker.  Using the Messenger application in conjunction with KioskWorks Cloud software, patient mobile intake and self-service can be deployed with a strong communications platform.  Patient satisfaction is improved due to the patient being able to quickly and easily communicate with the healthcare provider staff reducing communication frustrations and allowing the patient to effectively use the provider’s patient self-service solutions.



Benefits of PatientWorks Messenger:

  • Patients can quickly and easily communicate with their healthcare provider's staff members.

  • Increases the efficiency of staff members.

  • Improves patient satisfaction.

  • Ensures communications are accurate and provides a history of communications for audit purposes.

  • Integrates with patient mobile check-in and self-service functionality.

  • Seamlessly integrated to your hospital or practice management applications.

  • Communicates through text and email.

  • Provides "template" responses to speed staff responses and standardizes messages.