Mobile applications for healthcare providers.  Want to improve your patient experience and patient satisfaction ratings?  Want to connect with your patient population with a branded mobile app (iOS and Android)?

Today’s consumers use their smart phones to navigate their world and access their information.  Now you can deploy your own healthcare provider app that has the following functionality:

  • Find a Physician: Search by Doctor Name, Specialty or Location closest to the user
  • Find Location: Select a hospital/medical center, choose a starting location and receive turn by turn directions to a room, department, cafeteria, rest room etc.
  • Find a Lab: Select by state or city and then select from alphabetical list of clinics in the city
  • Find a Clinic or Medical Office: List by city and then select from alphabetical list of clinics in the city
  • My Chart: Link for users to sign onto the website and retrieve their test results
  • Surgery Tracker: Select a hospital/medical center and View the Surgery Tracking board
  • Symptom Checker: Link to third party Symptom Checker
  • Foundation Giving: Link to third party site that enables user to make a donation.
  • Events List: Link to Hospital/Medical Center Events calendar
  • Push Notifications: Users opts-in to receive push notifications. Design a plan to gently promote awareness campaigns and educational programs
  • Geo Fencing: Ability to send location based messaging to enhance safety and marketing
Put the next generation of mobile apps in the hand of your patients and their family members. Benefits include:
  • Assist with indoor wayfinding
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Attract more patients
  • Increase Foundation gifts
  • Reduce missed appointments and procedures
  • Enhance your hospital brand