Patient Appointment Reminders


Quickly and easily remind your patients of their upcoming appointments. Reduce no shows, allow patients to precheck-in for appointments and guide them to your facility and service area in the building.

Text or Email Appointment Reminders

Patients receive a text and/or email reminding them of their upcoming appointment. You decide what the content of the message is and how far in advance of the appointment to send the reminder. The appointment reminder solution is integrated with your EMR and scheduling systems and reduces manual staff work doing reminders.

Telehealth Appointment Reminders

Telehealth has become a more important method of care delivery. With our appointment reminders, you can remind patients of their telehealth appointments and allow them to perform all the registration tasks they would normally do via their phones or home computers. That includes payments which many providers require prior to the telehealth session.

Patient Messaging

Enhance your communications with your patients through real time texting and emails during the registration process and beyond. In the pre-registration queue see if patients have not completed a task or have indicated health conditions that require you to adjust their appointments. Immediately and easily communicate with them. Supports "wait in car" policies and other means of reducing risk of infection. Free form texting or standardized templates for standardization and speed.
Appointment Reminder

Benefits of Appointment Reminders

  • Reduce staff work
  • Reduce patient no show rates
  • Patients like the reminders
  • Integrates with other features of mobile check-in
  • Guide patients to their appointment
  • Two way messaging with patients
  • Visibility on success of reminders based on who pre-registers
  • EMR Integrations

    With our integration engine, we seamlessly integrate the patient check-in and eForms software with your EMR applications. Our integrations include all the major EMR's such as MEDITECH, Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, NextGen, and eClincalWorks. Our database is a mirror imagine of your EMR and scheduling system. We send electronic forms with patient signatures to imaging.

    Eye on Security

    With Cyber attacks and scams increasing in frequency, we take security of our applications very seriously. Working in conjunction with our customers' security teams we adhere to industry standard security practices. Our staff is trained on HIPAA compliance, PCI and PA-DSS Compliance for payment processing, and follow our Cyber Insurance Company recommendations on internal systems security.


    Patient self-service registration projects provide an immediate return on investment. If you are facing staff shortages, we can show you how to register more patients with reduced headcount. If your normal registration time per patient is 8 to 10 minutes and a large percentage of patients use the self-service solution, you can save significant staff time, freeing staff to work on clinical issues rather than paperwork.

    Reduce No Shows

    Reduce your patient no show rate and improve provider utilization with our appointment reminder solution. The solution is configurable to send whatever reminders you like for appointments in whatever time horizon you want.

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