Signature Capture


Forget paper forms and manual processes. Let your patients sign forms electronically. PatientWorks provides solutions where patients can sign on signature pads, tablets, kiosks or smart phones.

Signature Capture

With our signature capture and eforms solution you can replace your manual paper procedures and automate patient completion of electronic forms. Patients can sign on kiosks, tablets, smart phones or any device with a touch screen. Forms are prepopulated with patient data and ready to sign. Signed forms are sent to imaging and can be printed or emailed to patients. Save staff time and paper costs today.

Self-Service Kiosk

Any Hardware Platform

Our solution will run on any operating system or hardware platform - iPad, Windows tablet, Smart Phone, kiosk, signature pads etc. that has internet connectivity. It runs in a browser. Forms are presented for patients to fill out and sign. This gives you the most flexibility in your hardware selection and allows you to conform to your budget objectives.


You know how each of your registration areas work better than anyone. Therefore we design the signature capture solution to perform the workflows and tasks exactly as you wish. The underlying business rules define the behavior of the signature capture solution providing you with an overall solution that meets the specific requirements of each service area.

What Signature Capture can do for you

Capture signatures electronically with PatientWorks.

Signed forms can be immediately sent to your document imaging solution, emailed to patients and/or printed to become part of the patient’s medical history.

Signed forms are encrypted and securely stored in the PatientWorks SQL database.

Forms presented to patients for signature are based on the patient’s personal/medical information and reason for visit. Using kiosks, smart phones or tablets, patients can capture images at or beyond the registration desk.

Signed forms are reprintable using PatientWorks software.

Electronic signature capture enables your staff to spend more time listening to your patients, and less time manually processing their paperwork. With information at your staff's fingertips, they can address your patients’ needs faster and more effectively.

Spend time with patients

Have your staff spend more time focusing on health rather than paperwork. Patients prefer to spend their time with their physician — not filling out paperwork. Improve the patient experience by enabling them to fill out forms ahead of time on their own mobile device or computer. Watch your patient satisfaction scores improve and your staff be much happier.

Eye on Security

Our electronic signature capture solution has strong security. Patient data is encrypted. Only those individuals identified by the software or a staff member as the patient can complete the electronic forms. You can automatically load the completed and signed forms into imaging or have staff review them before they are submitted. You define the security steps to be followed. However, security is greater than paper forms moving around the office.

What is the Real
Cost of Paper?

Increases Costs:
  • Printing & Supplies
  • Secure Storage
  • Destruction of PHI
  • Manual Scanning
  • Creates Legal Concerns:
  • Patient Identity Theft
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Insufficient or Improper Care
  • Failure To Execute Correct Documents Required
  • Out of Date Forms or Content
  • Benefits of Using eSignatures

  • Eliminates or Reduces Paper
  • Enhances the Patient Experience
  • Reduces Physical Storage Requirements
  • Generates Direct Labor Savings from Electronic Look Ups vs Paper Files
  • Shortens Processing Time – Less Handling of Paper Allows
  • Faster Patient Processing
  • Provides More Reliable Patient Signatures
  • Insures Patient Safety
  • Enhances JCAHO/HIPAA Compliance
  • Aids in Patient Identification
  • Provides the following benefits of Automated Forms Processing:
  • Eliminates Pre‐Printed Forms
  • Eliminates Labels
  • Eliminates Obsolete Forms
  • Eliminates Manual Indexing of Forms
  • Eliminates Cost to Store and Distribute Forms
  • Integrated with HIS and PM Applications
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