Patient Self-Service Kiosks


Provide your patients with a fast and easy way to check-in for their appointments at your facility. Complete all the registration activities on the kiosk saving staff time and eliminating queues.


PatientWorks is a leader in Patient Self Service Kiosks. Our kiosks allow patients to quickly and easily complete the entire registration process on the kiosk. Identifying themselves with their driver's license scan or keying First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth brings up all appointments in a defined time window. The patient then can answer screening questions, verify data such as demographic data, complete and sign forms, and make any payments due for the service to be provided. Staff can process more patients and patient flow is improved.
Self-Service Kiosk


PatientWorks offers kiosk hardware from the top manufacturers in the industry. We provide a wide range of choices and peripheral configurations to meet your specific needs and workflows. Working closely with the manufacturers we keep up with the latest technology, drivers, and security.


PatientWorks provides implementation services that include hardware, software, and project management. With years of experience in implementing patient self-service kiosk projects, we can guide you through hardware selection, configuration, and implementation. We know which kiosks are durable and long lasting. Let us share our expertise with you.

What can self-service kiosks do for you?


Checking in and processing large numbers of patients, collecting personal information and co-payments as well as disseminating repetitive information regarding directions, department, staff and policies can expend large amounts of hospital resources.

KioskWorks Cloud lets you create a customizable user touch screen program that will enhance the relationship between your patients, visitors and staff. It will also extend the reach of your hospital resources. KioskWorks Cloud will greatly increase patient satisfaction, reduce FTE requirements and improve bottom line collections.

The Perfect Balance between Technology and Patient Service

KioskWorks Cloud utilizes an advanced software toolset that can interface with patient data from existing hospital information systems.

KioskWorks Cloud is the patient self-service solution the helps your organization to improve your check-in process, insurance verification and co-payment collection.

The solution will:

  • Integrate to any Health Information System (HIS/EMR)
  • Send appointment reminders via text or email to reduce no shows
  • Streamline Patient Flow and Optimize Staff Efficiencies
  • Self Check-In for scheduled appointments and walk-ins
  • Electronically sign consent and insurance forms
  • Self credit card processing
  • Check in management
  • Know what pre-check-in tasks patients have done before they arrive
  • Capture unique patient information
  • Ask questions pertaining to reason for the visit or demographic information
  • Verify patient demographic information
  • Confirm and update insurance information
  • Decrease accounts receivable
  • Co-pay collection - KioskWorks never forgets to ask for co-pay
  • Increase return on investment
  • Realignment or reduction of staff resource
  • Offer your patients technology when they want it
  • Automated check-in for appointments or procedures
  • Touch screen and virtual keyboard technology
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Continually improve operations and implement best practices
  • Patient queue and wait-time tracking
  • Patient surveys
  • Configure and capture kiosk usage statistics

Expected Service

Consumers today expect the convenience of self-service options from businesses. They have these services available when they travel, buy groceries and other goods, and rent movies. Why not when they come to their healthcare provider? Ever have to wait in line to see a registrar in a medical office? Not feeling well and the wait is frustrating? Kiosks will help!


Due to a chip shortage nationwide related to the pandemic, certain computer systems have had long lead times and limited availability. We assist in procuring the best systems with the shortest lead times. Kiosks are mission critical and patient facing. Therefore your hardware selection must demand high quality reliable hardware.


Patient self-service registration projects provide an immediate return on investment. If you are facing staff shortages, we can show you how to register more patients with reduced headcount. If your normal registration time per patient is 8 to 10 minutes and a large percentage of patients use the self-service solution, you can save significant staff time, freeing staff to work on clinical issues rather than paperwork.


While many of our customers implement self-service kiosks to address staff shortages or to improve efficiencies, our primary goal is to have happy patients. Happy patients are loyal and return to their provider for additional care. Plus that is what healthcare is all about.

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