Mobile Check In

Contactless Mobile Patient Self Registration

KioskWorks Cloud allows patients to check-in from home, on their mobile phones or on self-service kiosks. Why wait for the patient to arrive at your facility to start the registration process? Let them pre-check-in for appointments or reserve time for services such as lab, x-rays, etc. from their home or phone using our KioskWorks Cloud solution.

Patients have gone digital. They are mobile

They want the ability to perform appointment check-in from anywhere. Our solution lets you extend your information systems to the patient’s computers and mobile devices. Consumers in today’s economy use computers at home and smart phones to transact business and expect to have the same conveniences from their healthcare provider.

Now you can empower your patients with a simple and easy to use web browser-based application that gives them a simple and easy method to precheck-in for appointments.

Patients can precheck-in ahead of their appointments completing all the registration tasks and staff has immediate visibility on each task the patient has completed.


Protect your patients’ PHI and Cardholder Data

Revenue collection is critical to healthcare providers. Our mobile solution improves revenue collection while reducing staff costs. Patients pay copayments during the precheck-in process and staff can see who has not paid. In today's cybersecurity world, protection of patient PHI and Cardholder Data is very important so patients can trust that you are protecting their data. The mobile application is hosted either by you or in the cloud. The data is encrypted to protect PHI. The payment processing is through a PCI Compliant component where no card data is stored on the application or in your networks. Provide your patients more convenience and save time and money.

Integrated with your EMR

Our mobile check-in application integrates with the leading EMR and billing systems used in the healthcare industry today. Our encrypted database is a mirror image of the EMR with all patient appointments and demographic data. Staff has visibility of each patient's completion of their mobile registration tasks and can easily communicate with the patient on any tasks not successfully completed. The integration saves staff time and you money.


Here are a few of the benefits of Mobile Check-In

  • Patients can pre-check-in from home the day before their appointments
  • Enhances safety and reduces risk of infection
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Insures patient payments are made before services are provided
  • Speeds patient flow in registration areas
  • Great for telehealth where the patient does not visit the facility for their service
  • Seamlessly integrated to your hospital or practice management applications.
  • HIPAA and PCI secure for protection of patient and cardholder data
  • Allows patients to be more accurate in completing forms due to their access to files and records at home

You Design the Mobile Check-In Tasks


Mobile Phone Check-In










Screening Questions

Capture Document




Payment Processing


Telehealth Advantage

During the pandemic, telehealth became a more accepted form of healthcare delivery. Mobile patient check-in provides the provider with the opportunity to do all the patient registration processes where the patient is not physically present. Staff can see what the patient has done and can communicate with the patient during the registration process. This includes payments for services to be performed.

Staffing Shortages

Many healthcare providers are facing front desk staff shortages and cannot fill open positions. This staff shortage is affecting patient satisfaction, throughput, and provider productivity. Patient self-service check in allows fewer staff to serve more patients quicker. Patients do not have to wait in a queue for a limited staff to serve them. They can quickly and easily check-in and are arrived into the waiting room queue.

Business Rules

PatientWorks understands the complex rules and regulations that each registration staff member must learn and perform daily registering patients. Our software is not a canned software product that your organization must fit. Instead we build in the business logic that allows you to incorporate your rules, workflows, and processes to check-in patients. We act on appointment type, service, patient type, insurance, etc. to present the right forms, workflows, etc.

Staff Tools Are Important

The patient facing application is only part of the solution. What staff sees and can do is equally as important. Staff has the following 1) Pre-Registration Queue 2) Waiting Room 3) Care Wizard and 4) (optional) Messenger. The tools give the staff the power to see what patients have done, make corrections, and approve changes.

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