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Patient Identification Supplies and Equipment

Each day your facilities produce significant quantities of Patient Identification labels, wrist bands and forms. We are a leader in providing high quality Patient ID supplies at an affordable price.

Patient Identification Supplies

PatientWorks is a leader in providing innovative solutions for patient electronic documents and the equipment and supplies that you need to implement an effective Patient Identification Program in your hospital. Let us show you how to reduce the cost of your supplies, provide you with the equipment you need for your Patient Identification Program, and implement enhancements to your current practices. We are able to reduce the recurring cost of your patient identification supplies. We sell leading brands of patient identification equipment and have years of experience in assisting hospital management in improving their patient identification processes.

Select Leading Brand Equipment

PatientWorks offers the equipment you need to produce the Patient ID bands, labels and cards. These range from Thermal Printers, Image Scanners, Patient ID Card Printers, Electronic Signature Capture Devices and Barcode Scanners to Photo capture devices. Our deep experience with these products helps us recommend the best quality products that will fit your needs.


The quantities of Patient Identification labels, wrist bands and forms used in your operations represents a significant recurring cost of business. As a leader in providing high quality Patient ID supplies at an affordable price, we would be happy to provide you with a quote on supplies and equipment. Based on your usage volumes we will provide you with a competitive quote. Large hospital systems in the United States purchase their supplies and equipment from us. We would like you to as well.



From our years of supplying these products to the healthcare industry, we have gained a wealth of knowledge. If you will share not only what volume of purchases you are making but how you are using the products, we will make recommendations on where improvements might be possible.

Ease of Ordering

Ordering supplies from PatientWorks is easy. Various departments in hospitals submit their period orders individually. We will work with you on order quantities based on normal lead times and provide advice if your volumes need to vary. With the pandemic we saw fluctuations in the volumes of ID bands and labels based on hospitals' activities and adjusted orders accordingly.


The cost of forms, labels and bands depends on volumes but also on how you use the products. As an example, we were able to suggest that one hospital use paper arm bands instead of laser arm bands for the outpatients that it was banding for certain day procedures. The paper bands were sufficient for the purpose and saved the hospital in annual supply costs.

Quality is important

Patient identification in a care environment is critical. Barcodes must be readable and durable. Therefore, the quality of our products is of upmost importance. The years that our customers have repeatedly purchased from us are indicative of the quality of our products.

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