Downtime Registration


PatientWorks provides downtime solutions that allow you to continue to register patients during EMR system downtime. Check-in patients, print armbands, collect payments and more when your EMR is down.

Downtime Patient Processing

The PatientWorks Downtime Registration solution allows you to continue critical patient care during both short term and extended planned or unplanned outages. Any documents, such as wristbands, chart labels, consents, insurance forms, labels, etc. can be produced through the application with patient information loaded to the documents. Comply with HIPAA regulations which state that healthcare providers should “establish procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes…while operating in emergency situations.”


Staff Stresses During Downtime

System down time stresses busy staff who are used to using the EMR systems to process patients. Learning manual processes and working with the patient load at the same time is very difficult. Processing patients is slower and care is not as quick. Keep your staff equipped with the tools they need to manage during down time. Reduce the impact on patients, providers and staff with our Downtime Registration solution.


Downtime causes staff to revert to paper and manual procedures. Staff must be trained on these manual procedures and a lot of paper forms are used in place of automation. PatientWorks allows you to provide an alternative computer solution to EMR down time that reduces the paperwork load and saves time. You are still able to produce the arm bands and labels you need to process patients.

Benefits of Downtime Registration

  • Reduce manual work during downtime
  • Have all patient data and information available from PatientWorks
  • Print arm bands, labels, forms during down time
  • Continue electronic check-in of patients including all features of PatientWorks solutions
  • Save paper
  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Register patients faster
  • Don't Let Downtime Impact Your Patients

    We are certain you have experienced the impact of your EMR systems being down and being unable to quickly process your patients. While you try to minimize the amount of downtime, system updates and conversions can seriously impact your ability to provide quick and quality care for your patients. We have the answer. All your patient data resides in our solution and our functionality can be used even when your EMR is down. Give us a call to learn more about our downtime solution.

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