Tablet Check In


Patients can use tablets to check in for their appointments from at home or in the office. Do a full self-service check in on a tablet or supplement your staff check in with certain processes on a tablet.

Patient Self-Service Check-In on Tablets

KioskWorks Cloud will run on any hardware and operating system. Tablets can be Windows, iOS or Android. This gives you the most flexibility on hardware choices for the office and the choice can comply with your business standard hardware selection. Peripheral devices may be specific to certain operating systems. Due to its flexibility, the application can also be used on patients on their personal tablets anywhere they use them.

Check-In Tablet

Full Solution Functionality

The tablet solution includes the full software functionality including patient payment processing. As an alternative to more expensive enclosure kiosks, tablets can be handed to patients when they arrive for checking in for multiple appointments or completing more detailed workflows. For recurring visits such as physical therapy, tablets can be on stands or docking stations and provide a quick check-in capability.

Configurable Workflows

You can do a full patient registration on a tablet or supplement your staff's work by having staff hand out tablets for only certain functions you want the patient to do on a tablet. If you are still handing out paper and scanning signed forms and documents into imaging, we can save you money and time and provide a more accurate and timely solution.

Here are a few of the benefits of Tablet Check-In

  • Lower investment than full feature enclosure kiosks.
  • Saves staff time and you money
  • Allows full set of registration tasks
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Insures patient payments are made before services are provided
  • Speeds patient flow in registration areas
  • Seamlessly integrated to your hospital or practice management applications
  • Portable and easy to use
  • HIPAA and PCI secure for protection of patient and cardholder data
  • Mix and Match

    Many of our customers "mix and match" configurations using a combination of mobile, tablet and kiosk enclosures in their enterprises. One hospital uses kiosks in the main hospital registration area, tablets in the breast center, and mobile check-in across other locations. The solution will work in all configurations and workflows can be unique to the business area.

    Mobile Device Security

    Typically the healthcare provider will have certain security standards that cover the use of portable devices in the facility and the implementation of Wifi in the office areas. PatientWorks works with your security teams to be certain that the use of mobile devices in your facilities meets those standards and is secure.

    Payment Processing

    PatientWorks offers different payment processing options with tablet check-in. You can use HPP payments where the patient enters their credit card information and the credit card is processed online much like a mobile payment. You can also pair the tablet with an EMV pin pad for card present payments which have a lower merchant services processing fee from your processor.

    Digitize your registration today

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