Patient Self Scheduling of Appointments

KioskWorks Cloud software allows patients to book appointments integrated with your scheduling application. They can also confirm, cancel, and view appointments.

The solution provides additional conveniences to patients and allows providers to save staff time involved in scheduling appointments, performing registration tasks, collecting payments, verifying demographic data, symptoms, medical history, and completing registration or clinical forms.

Make it easy for patients to book an appointment

Your patients want the ability to quickly and easily schedule an appointment from anywhere.  By integrating with your scheduling system, we can provide patients with the ability to select their service, location, and desired appointment times from a list of available appointment times, and then book their appointments.  It is simple and easy to use.

Direct booking of appointments by patients saves staff time since the patient can book the appointment without any staff interaction.


Saves staff time, fills your schedule and increase revenues

By making it easy for patients to book their appointments by themselves, you increase the number of appointments to fill your schedule opening while at the same time saving the staff time involved in working directly with the patient to schedule their appointments.

Eliminate telephone tag, call backs, voice mail, and numerous time consuming conversations by providing a simple booking application.

Integrated with your scheduling application

Depending on the integration capabilities of your scheduling application, we can integrate our mobile patient self-scheduling application with your scheduling application.

For example, MEDITECH added their FHIR Scheduling API in the January 2023 software update allowing third parties to schedule appointments through the API. This opened up Community Wide Scheduling to third parties.

Now patients can easily book and manage their appointments from the KioskWorks Cloud app and then check in for their appointments from their smart phones or home PC’s.


Here are a few of the benefits of patient self-scheduling

  • Patients can easily book their own appointments
  • Available any time of day 24/7
  • Reduce load on call centers and schedulers
  • Integrates with appointment reminder system
  • More easily fill schedule openings
  • Custom workflows for each service area
  • Seamlessly integrated to your hospital or practice scheduling applications.
  • HIPAA and PCI secure for protection of patient  data
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Patient Self-Scheduling of Appointment Made Easy


24/7 Scheduling App

The KioskWorks Cloud Self-Scheduling application allows patients to schedule appointments at their leisure 24 hours per day.  The application presents the available appointment times based on the screening criteria that you require.  Patients today desire convenience and the ability to easily schedule appointments is one of their top needs.

Save Staff Time

Image appointments being scheduled without having staff trying to communicate with patients and walking them through the scheduling process.  Let patients determine what service, location, times, etc. they need and lookup available appointments through the application.  Patients can book appointments, confirm appointments, view appointments, and cancel appointments all through the application.

Business Rules

PatientWorks understands the complex rules and regulations that  staff member must learn and perform daily when scheduling  patients. Our software is not a canned software product that your organization must fit. Instead we build in the business logic that allows you to incorporate your rules, workflows, and processes to schedule patients. We act on appointment type, service, patient type, insurance, etc. to match the patient's needs with the right appointment and service.

Staff Tools

Staff has visibility in your scheduling and EMR applications of booked appointments.  In addition, KioskWorks Cloud provides an Appointments View showing all appointments that have been booked.
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