Payment Processing


Collecting the patient portion of amounts due before service is provided is a critical part of good revenue cycle management procedures. Our solutions enable you to take payments before service is provided.


PatientWorks and its parent company, SalePoint Inc., process billions of dollars of customer payments each year. Our payment solutions adhere to PCI standards and most are out of scope for our customers. We provide payment processing on our mobile patient solutions, patient self-service check-in kiosks, staff tools, and for cashiering where staff takes credit cards, checks, and cash. We have been taking payments since 1987 and therefore have experience and expertise in the payments area.


Our mobile precheck-in solution allows you to prompt the patient for payment of any copayments, deductibles or other amounts due before their visit. Additionally you may send payment due reminders and allow patients to pay balances due after the service has been provided. Staff tools allow staff to know which patients have paid or need financial counseling.


Our kiosk payment solution supports EMV Card Present compliance and is out of scope. Sensitive patient credit card data is not stored in PatientWorks software nor on our customers' systems. This greatly reduces PCI compliance and protects against credit card breaches. Our staff is trained on PCI compliance and we can assist you in assuring the safety and protection of your payment systems.

Merchant Services and Payment Processing

Often our customers have an existing merchant services agreement they wish to keep. Our payment gateway processes payments through all the major credit card processors. Our customers and their patients expect security and confidentiality of their payments and current technology such as NFC payments. Collecting revenue before providing service is important to healthcare providers. Let us show you how to collect more money more easily.

We also offer a real time cashiering solution for business offices where high volumes of in person payments are made with cash, check, electronic checks and credit cards. This also includes call centers where patients may be calling in to make payments.

EMR Integrations

With our integration engine, we seamlessly integrate the patient payment solutions with your EMR and billing applications. Our integrations include all the major EMR's such as MEDITECH, Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, NextGen, and eClincalWorks. We post all payments received to the patients account and staff knows who has paid.

Eye on Security

With Cyber attacks and scams increasing in frequency, we take security of our applications very seriously. Working in conjunction with our customers' security teams we adhere to industry standard security practices. Our staff is trained on HIPAA compliance, PCI and PA-DSS Compliance for payment processing, and follow our Cyber Insurance Company recommendations on internal systems security.


Revenue cycle management and an improvement in collections of amounts due before service as well as after service are benefits of our payment solutions. In addition you reduce the cost of PCI compliance and have more secure systems against hacks or breaches. Of the many benefits of our solutions, increase revenue collection is only one.


Through our tools you can immediately improve your revenue collections. With mobile check-in or kiosks, ask for payment during the check-in process. Handle self-pay patients and standardized fees for services. Consumers are used to paying self-service systems in their everyday purchases and business transactions so it is natural and convenient for them to pay on their phones or a kiosks. Leverage this with copayment collections and bill pay solutions. We can help.

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