PatientWorks Partners


PatientWorks is an independent sales agent of CardConnect.  CardConnect is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiserv, Inc.Through this relationship PatientWorks brings merchant services from CardConnect to our customers.   CardConnect is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank,N.A., Concord, CA.  CardConnect processes $96.1 billion of annual credit and debit bankcard volume and 1.35 billion annual debit and credit transactions. CardConnect is the registered tradename of CardConnect. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced  are the property of their respective owners. This web page  is not an official page of CardConnect.


Imprivata, the healthcare IT security company, provides healthcare organizations globally with a security and identity platform that delivers authentication management, fast access to patient information, secure communications, and positive patient identification. Imprivata enables care providers to securely and efficiently access, communicate, and transact patient health information to address critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience.

Olea Kiosks

Olea Kiosks, Inc., is a self-service kiosk solution provider for the attractions and entertainment, healthcare and hospitality industries. Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include The Habit Burger Grill, Kaiser Permanente, Empire State Building, Universal Studios, EVO Entertainment, Scientific Games, and Subway.

Zebra Technologies

PatientWorks uses Zebra card printers and label printers in its KioskWorks and PatientWorks solutions. Zebra is a longstanding leader in helping healthcare organizations protect patient safety and privacy while reducing errors and increasing productivity. In addition to patient safety benefits, Zebra barcoding solutions provide compelling business efficiencies across the enterprise. By using Zebra barcode print solutions together with PatientWorks software to automate registration processes, healthcare facilities and hospitals are streamlining workflows to significantly improve productivity, employee morale, and business costs. Equally important, they are delivering high-quality patient care and efficiently running the complex operations of a hospital and health network.

Elo Touch

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, Elo is a global leader in commercial digital interactivity solutions with over 45 years of history since its founding as the original inventor of the touchscreen. Elo is an established provider of touch computing products, which today includes point of sale terminals, interactive kiosks, healthcare / industrial process control interfaces and other interactive customer-facing Internet of Things devices. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by global patent, trademark and design registrations. The Company has over 20 million installs in 80+ countries worldwide and focuses on serving commercial end markets, including restaurants, retail, industrial, healthcare, banking and other industries.

Touch Dynamic

Founded in August of 2001, Touch Dynamic is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of all-in-one touch terminals, small form factor PCs, touch screen monitors and mobile POS devices for a variety of industries. Touch Dynamic understands the demands on its channel partners such as PatientWorks and provides unique products and additional value-added services to help them meet the specific needs of their customers. PatientWorks has certified the Touch Dynamic Quest iii tablet for mobile patient self-service check in.


PatientWorks software is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. This allows PatientWorks to build applications that work the way healthcare providers want, in a robust and powerful programming language, integrating diverse software, services and devices. Microsoft.NET presents a comprehensive and consistent programming model and a common set of APIs that have enabled the PatientWorks software team to develop a powerful application complete with end user tool sets that allow clients to easily configure and change the applications.

Meridian Kiosks

Meridian offers a full line of self-service kiosks that are designed to function in the healthcare industry. Meridian’s award-winning industrial designers can create custom solutions based on specific user and business requirements. They also provide clients with high-quality renders of what the client’s kiosk will look like in the proposed environment. Not only must the device be visually appealing and easy to use, it should stand the test of time. At Meridian, they design units that are safe, solid and secure. Their commitment to quality means that they test their devices under extreme conditions to ensure they meet Meridian’s standards. In addition, Meridian is proud to be ISO 9000 and UL certified.
For more information go to the Meridian page: Meridian Kiosks

Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS provides All-in-one Touch Screen Computers with a HIPAA Privacy Screen. In the healthcare industry, where there is increased pressure to minimize costs, comply with government regulations, and manage liability, health care organizations are looking to technology to provide efficient and accurate solutions to improve operational efficiency and patient care. Pioneer POS manufactures medical grade touch screen solutions that are proven to meet and exceed industry standards, and seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise architecture to help healthcare providers meet their toughest challenges. Designed with a variety of touch screen add-ons Pioneer POS’ medical touch screen solutions can be configured to work with all leading touch technologies giving users the ability to operate the Pioneer POS units with a bare finger, rubber glove, or stylus. Their All-in-one touch screen computers are used in KioskWorks’ kiosk solutions.


KioskWorks uses FLEX from Verifone for its credit card processing. Pin Pads from Verifone are also deployed with KioskWorks and PatientWorks. These solutions provide secure, efficient, cost-effective solutions for providers and patients. Verifone and PatientWorks offer welcome peace of mind, knowing payments will be reliably and securely processed. Our combined, unique, first-hand understanding of the health care industry brings innovation to operations and the highest levels of security and confidentiality at every touchpoint.