Patient Queue Tracking


Waiting is one of the biggest dissatisfiers for patients. Patients want to know where they are in the queue and when they will be served. PatientWorks offers a variety of ways to keep patients informed about their wait times and queue positions.

Patient Queue Display Board

An easy way to keep patients informed of their wait times and place in the queue is with a display board showing an anonymous identifier of the patient, their place in the queue and the estimated time before they are served. When they are ready to be served they are directed to the appropriate service station. Staff knows who is in the queue, who is next to be served, and who is serving which patient. This eliminates the concern of patients about other patients jumping the line or getting service before them.



With our solutions, staff knows which patients are in the waiting room and for how long. When it is time for the patient to be seen, staff sends a text (can be a template text) to the patient indicating that they are ready to be seen. This frees the patient from waiting in a certain waiting room and provides them with the freedom to move around. With Messenger, two way communications between the patient and staff also assist in knowing where the patient is and answering their questions about the wait time. If the patient is in the restroom or had to leave the building, the patient can easily let staff know.


Control patient flow throughout your facility while at the same time keeping your patients informed on their status and wait times. Lab areas without scheduled appointments, walk-ins, triage areas, and other areas where patients break a normal queue can upset those patients that have been waiting for service. With the proper signage, communication, and explanations, these situations can be managed without upsetting patients.

Benefits of Communicating Queue Status


  • Keep patients informed on their queue status
  • Staff sees individuals in the queue in their order of arrival
  • Know who the walk in patients are for areas like labs
  • Use display boards in waiting areas or text patients when they are ready to be served
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Know how long patients have been waiting
  • Estimate and display wait time to service for patients

Wait Time Data

In order to provide superior service to your patients, you need data on wait times, service times, hourly visit volumes, workflows and more. Our tools allow you to capture this data and make decisions that will minimize wait times while optimizing utilization of your provider resources. Let us show you how we do this.

Patient Satisfaction

Our customer's experience has been that wait times significantly impact patient satisfaction scores. MarinHealth Medical Center set a goal of not having a patient wait more than five minutes for their appointment and significantly improved that patient satisfaction scores. You can do the same. Patients return to providers they trust and who provide them with good service.

Empower Staff

Rather than being bombarded with unscheduled walk-ins and being overloaded, staff can have the tools to be able to tell patients how long it might be before they can receive service. Based on computing how many are in the queue times the average service times, staff can inform the patient of their expected wait times. The patient can then make the decision to wait or come back another time.


Wait times are one of the most critical areas related to patient satisfaction. You typically balance provider utilization with patient wait times. With unknown and variable service times, it is difficult to know how long patients will wait. Being able to predict visit timing and volumes is a key to controlling wait times. We provide tools to help you solve these issues.

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