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Implement an electronic forms management solution that works seamlessly with our other solution offerings to automate your registration process. Stop using paper or disparate systems. Our eforms solution automatically prints forms, ID bands, and other documents preloaded with patient information anywhere the forms are needed in your facilities. With our electronic signature capability you can have patients complete and sign forms on any device anywhere.


Our eforms solution allows patients to sign forms throughout all the areas of your enterprise. Eliminate manual processes and paper. Healthcare provides use our solution to create paperless processes for any service area or anywhere the patient may be. Electronic forms are populated with the current patient information. Complex forms with branching logic are supported and data can be sent to your EMR system. Arm bands, labels, etc. are automatically generated prior to the appointment time. Business rules determine the presentation, printing, flow and storage of the forms and completed forms.

Forms Automation

Automated Forms Printing

Arm bands, sheets of labels and other documents with patient information can automatically be printed before the patient's visit or printed on demand. This saves you the cost of preprinted form stock, manual completion of forms and scanning of completed forms. Our eforms solution will product these documents per predefined processes so the appropriate ID bands, labels and documents are ready at the service area when the patient arrives. With our forms designer tool you can easily setup your eforms and modify them as time goes by. We also sell supplies - the ID band stock, sheets of labels and other printing materials and equipment to cover all your needs.

Enhanced Accuracy and control

Has your staff ever lost a paper form or failed to get a needed form completed by a patient? With our workflow engine and eforms solution you can be assured that the required forms for each patient visit are presented. Some forms may only be required once per year and our system tracks that. Certain forms might be needed based on patient type, insurance, age, service, etc. and our business logic handles that. Let us show you how our forms automation solutions improve accuracy and control of your forms processes.


The PatientWorks e-forms automation solution brings electronic forms to your enterprise. Wherever you have been using paper forms, we can automate the forms. We have automated the forms for many large healthcare providers over many years. In some cases we have replaced other eforms vendors due to the breath of our functionality and affordability of our eforms solutions.

Documentation is critical to your patient relationship and patient care. Control patient documentation and data with a high quality eforms solution from a leader in the industry. Our team is experienced and well trained in electronic documentation. The company's history actually began with the original Addressograph® labeling machine so our hertiage in forms goes back to early days of providing label to hospitals. Our solutions evolved over the years with the growth of electronic data processing and computer technology.

EMR Integrations

Integration with your EMR and billing systems are key to an effective electronic forms solution. We have integrated with the major hospital and practice management systems and this empowers our forms automation solution. We review your forms, sheets of labels, arm bands, etc. to determine the data requirements and map your system data to our database to produce the documents. Remember this also works during your EMR downtime.

Eye on Security

Paper forms and completed paper documents can be a security risk if not properly managed. The paperwork has patient PHI so the processing of the paper and its subsequent disposal all present potential security risks and the exposure of sensitive PHI. Our solutions protect PHI through various security features including encryption, secure logons, and more.

Save Time and Money

Studies have shown that manual paperwork registration processes using pre-printed forms cost significantly more than automated forms processes. When you consider the cost of the pre-printed forms, the time to manually handle the forms including adding patient specific labels, the interaction time with patient, the filing and scanning of the completion forms .... it all adds up to a lot of expense.


Enough with the paper already.

We would like to help you get rid of your manual paper processes. Your life will be so much better with an automated forms solution.

PatientWorks' e-forms automation solution provides positive patient identification and streamlines the registration, clinical and billing process. Eliminate the costly, time consuming, and error prone process of applying labels to pre-printed forms. Capture patient photos. Patients can sign forms electronically. Capture scanned images of driver licenses, insurance cards and doctor’s orders; all integrated with your document or imaging solution.

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